Read personal testimonies from Charlies Insurance Agency's Customers!

"For 6 years Charlie Sharigian Insurance has always been able to help me find insurance for my vehicles that fits my needs and my budget! Even with my new car he found me the best insurance and even went to the registry for me to ensure everything was properly handled!  I will always have Charlie Sharigian Insurance find the best insurance to cover my cars!" - B.G

"I've known Charlie for over 10 years and through all of my cars he has always been able to find me the best prices!  I never have to take time off of work to go to the registry because he has always done it for me at no extra charge." - Will M.

"When I bought my new home, I had no idea where to begin when finding Home Owners Insurance.  I wanted to the best coverage possible but something that would fit into my budget! I searched and searched and didn't understand hardly any of the insurance language! I then found Charlie Sharigian Insurance and he worked with me to not only find the best coverage to protect my home but understand what it actually covers!" - Hannah M.